Tsela Tsweu Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd was found in 1998 from a decision by the Board of Directors of V&V Consulting Engineers as a fast-track empowerment programme for the previously marginalised employees and company funded Technikon educated personnel of V&V Consulting Engineers.

In a country where the ratio between white and Black registered professional Engineers in the Civil Engineering field is 6319 / 99 (Engineering Council of SA 31/12/2000), the consequences even in the present days are a reality, the concept of fast – track em- powerment is our vision as a forum for exposure to the business environment and engineering management for our own HDI technical staff. Tsela Tsweu Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd shareholding – Impact Trust 100%.

Tsela Tsweu Consulting Engineers strongly believes in the future of South Africa and wants to play an active part in the new South African business culture.

Municipal Services

The design, implementation and Project management of all Municipal infrastructure – Roads and Stormwater, Water distribution systems and Sewer distribution systems.

Bulk Water Systems

The design, Implementation and Project management of Bulk water supply systems and pumpstations.

Rural Water Supply Programmes

The design, Implementation and Project management of Rural Water Supply Programmes.

The design of road maintenance and rehabilitation projects

Emphasis is placed on the extension of the service life of pavements Optimised utilisation and implementation of the budget.

Design and maintenance of Urban Engineering services

Knowledge gained through implementation of management systems and the design of engineering projects in urban areas necessitated specialisation in the provision and maintenance of urban engineering services.

Construction administration and supervision

Due to the nature of specialisation in the company and the importance of quality control, emphases is placed on these aspects and members specialise in this field.

Road Infrastructure and Stormwater Management systems

The company has accumulated and unequalled pool of expertise in pavement management and materials. The company is able to implement a world renowned and in-house developed pavement management system for any road and stormwater network. The company has developed stormwater management systems as well as maintenance management systems for roadside infrastructure.

The design of new roads, public transport facilities and bridges

Tsela Tsweu can execute, design and do contract supervision of rural and urban roads, public transport facilities and bridges. Emphasis is placed on innovative but appropriate and cost-effective designs to assist clients in providing more for the available funds.